Monday, November 24, 2008 it a measure of a student's ability?

These words are like bombs to a typical student (unless you are one of those super-genius kid who loves to take tests to show off your talent). Before final week, I want to express how I feel and look at tests.
My history teacher once told me that the notion of test do not reflect a student's merit at all, instead at times it causes panic in a student that whether he or she will do fine on the test. SAT is one the tests in the US that basically tests for a student's patience rather than materials on Math and English. Because of the heavy importance on SAT in college selection process in the US, many tutoring centers sprang up throughout the nation locally and nationally. Seeing them making profit to earn money that does not help students much, the government is rethinking of making SAT less important for college selection.
Will that happen? I don't know. I don't have to worry about that, nor that I'll be very excited for it to happen as I've already passed that stage. But what about the students in college? Already with all the homeworks, papers and everything they are quite busy. With the addition of tests, finals, it just adds on to the stress that a college student faces.
Dear reader, what do you think about tests? Is it a fair game to examine someone's talent or is there any other way to get the same job done?

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