Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cheating during tests!

Yes! It's not very uncommon in anywhere in the world nowadays. Cheating in tests have become more of a norm now than before. Why would I say this now? Because I just had a Chem final today during which I saw almost "open" cheating which went unnoticed.
So, it was our semester final for Chem. It was taking place in a big auditorium with almost close to 400 students and about 7 to 8 proctors. You can easily imagine how hard it would be for them to watch over all these students at the same time. But it happened.
I was sitting almost to the sixth row from the back. There were two students whom I saw cheating in this (almost easy, but not quite) test. After about an hour or so (of the two-hour exam period), the girl in front of me was exchanging her test booklet with another boy next to her. Since it was all multiple-choice and everyone had different version of the tests (basically the questions are scrambled around), they can't talk much to help each other out. So, they decided to exchange their test booklet and the scantron sheet with each other by falsely showing that they dropped something and pick up each other's exam stuff to work on the other person's exam. I believe the boy was mainly helping the girl as she was saying to him in a low-voice to do certain questions. Even though no one noticed it (as far as I can tell), but when the girl looked around she saw me looking at their actions. She must've felt that "Ooo! if this guy tells the proctors!" I didn't unfortunately. Fortunate for them. Although at one point I wanted to say it, but "who cares?" Concentrate on my own exam.
Anyways. I felt I should confess this hidden truth to someone. And my blog is that path.

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