Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is human!

No. No. Don't think I'm going to talk about something strange in the negative sense. Rather I'll be writing about something that I observed yesterday.
It struck me quite a bit as such nature in human beings are very rare in our everyday life nowadays. But it happens. This happens because if we all had lost our morals, then this world would have been diminished a lot earlier.
It was yesterday when I was riding on the train to come home from college. As usual, I got on the "F" train (if I had caught the "E" train, I would've come home faster as it is mostly express). Nevertheless, I was tying my umbrella as it was wet and I didn't want the water from it to drop on the subway car. Since it was a rainy day, most people seemed tired. But when I glanced at the side of my seat I saw a black man observing water in a seat (probably from someone's umbrella) for quite some time. After a while, he used his newspaper that he was reading page-by-page to wash off the water from the seat so that someone can sit on it later.
This sort of humane characteristic of the man really amazed me. There were a lot of people in the subway. But no one cared anything about it since it did not bother them. Why would this man do it if this is not from his good nature? Such incidents that happen in our lives are very rare to find, but it happens if we look closely. I guess, I was the only one to have noticed his action as most people are busy with their own self.

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