Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 things on the same day!

This is another quite a strange coincidence that 3 incidents happened or I have observed that really made me laugh and feel sad as well.
This also happened when I was coming home from college after a long day (college work seems tiring at times). As I was getting on the "E" train as quickly as possible after getting off the bus, I noticed a lot of people were rushing as well. I have seen a Chinese man & woman (probably husband-wife, as it seemed) in the bus that I was in. They bought a huge painting (again, as it seemed) and was carrying it with them. As people were rushing to catch the train, the man also ran with the painting in his hands. The lady could not manage to be fast enough to enter the train while the man was. As a result, the guy was stumped! He got on while his wife was watching the train leaving the station. WOW! What a confusion! I felt pity after laughing about it in my mind as the guy and the lady were old (probably in their 60s). Well, what can you do? The man got off the train in the next station. I just hope they can find each other.
The next thing was in the "7" train. A bum (as it seemed, the guy was having a drink, coffee maybe, but may have had beer or something before) was uttering words that it was very obvious that he was drunk in the evening time. As he finished the coffee, he was about to throw it out. But didn't know where to throw it. He decided in his mind to throw it in a garbage can in the next station. When the door opened, he quickly ran to the garbage can, threw it, but couldn't return. As you may know, bums usually have a bag full of their stuff in it to survive. Ouch! He missed the train. His stuff went with the train as he was almost speechless!
Next thing was when I was exiting the train station. A black guy was swiping his MetroCard to get in while a Chinese guy got off in the same turnstile. Oops! The black guy just missed his $2. The man was shouting to the Chinese but well what can you do?
Things like these can happen any day, anytime, anywhere. If you are cautious, things like these won't happen to you.

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