Friday, February 27, 2009

This is going unnoticed!

This week was a hefty week for me as I had to go to the local DMV office twice to fasten the process to get my driving license. I went two consecutive days to resolve the problem with the delay of my receiving the driving license.
The local DMV office is in Jamaica which is quite far from my home. When returning from the office in a slow pace, I noticed that a fire hydrant that was leaked and drops of water was falling from it. Since it was very cold in the week, the dripping water froze and crystallized over the hydrant. The strange irony is that the fire hydrant was in less than two blocks away from the local police station. In that area, polices are walking down all the time. I can't recall exactly which street it was, but I believe it is between 165 to 170 street and Jamaica Avenue.
I could not understand why it went unnoticed by the authority like the NYPD. And in the two days I went to that area, the same had been going on continuously. People are passing by without bothering to do something about the matter. I felt that "where is the local authority?" Is this really going unnoticed by everyone except me???

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