Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Win - My Viewpoints

Well, it's now another achievement that the current president of the United States, Barack Obama has won. This time it's from the Nobel Committee which is considered to be one of the highest, elegant and prestige organization in the world that recognizes individual or a group's efforts in the globe in various fields, ranging from literature, science to peace. The Nobel Committee has announced that this year, 2009, the Peace Prize will be awarded to Barack Obama. This is all over the news. Let me come to my point of view about this.
From the campaign that Obama ran to achieve the presidency from George W. Bush has marked a new era in world politics, if not at least in US politics. The enthusiasm that people showed towards politics in the US, especially among the newly-turned voters of young ages, is a milestone that this country has not seen for years. Generally, when young people listen to politicians, they simply ignore the talks and turn to music or something else. It's been a general notion to ignore politics among the US young adults. That has really changed from the start of the campaign to the election of the first African-American president of the US. What has caused this change? Many would argue that the inspirational words by Obama was a major factor in his winning the presidency over Hillary Clinton or John McCain.
After the election, it all came down to action. If a person just talks about change and then does nothing to change, then there's no point in choosing that candidate. Obama initialized his change from former Bush policy to wrap up the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay to start bringing troops back from Iraq. Even though situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating since he took office, the solution to that problem is yet to be discussed and determined. We may not like the current unemployment rate in the US due to the fragile economy's ups-and-downs. But we are sure about this that the initiative that the president has taken to create jobs, (or green jobs, perhaps) is slowly coming into light. It is not like the economy of the US will be back on track just after Obama took office as he applies some magic spells or something to soothe the crisis. If it were, then he would be Christ or a savior. As a human, he is trying to cause the change that he promised during his campaign. But it is about the common people who are actually responsible for bringing that change. If it's a one man's job, then what are all the citizens for?
In addition, when he tried to legislate the health care reform bill, he is being criticized and teased by critics, especially from the Republican party, for socializing the country. If my Congressman can get the benefit of free health insurance and get the best available care that can be given, isn't it also fair to ask that why can't I get the same benefit as well. After all, they are actually supposed to be representing the constituents who are common people like me. Don't people hold more power in democracy? Or is this country not in the path of democracy but brags about bringing democracy to other non-democratic nations? Whatever the case may be, it can be said that the critics of Obama don't want people to benefit from all the available care but wants their share of the pie.
Now, talking in terms of the world point of view, Obama has said during various speeches and conferences that he would like to strengthen the relationship that US has with all the Muslim nations, unlike George W. Bush. He even opened his door to diplomatic talks with Iran. In regards to Iran's nuclear proliferation, he is not taking the necessary steps on his own, but rather discussing the matter with Gordon Brown or such world leaders around the globe. He even sat down with Russian president recently to calm the tension that existed between the Sovient Union and the US for decades during the Cold War. In regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he is trying to bring the two leaders from these conflicting regions into talks to end the battle and come to a lasting peace.
Although many of these actions are just in the beginning steps, it is not like that he is giving up on the obstacles faced when solving these crisis. It would definitely take time to soothe the scar that was left by his predecessor. But if we just conclude from his actions of nine or ten months that he is not deserving to win such a prestigious prize, we are actually hindering in the progress of actual peace that he is trying to achieve. From his words after hearing the news of Peace Prize, "humble" and "a call of action" demonstrates that he himself thinks he might not be suited to earn the prize yet, but the decision by the Nobel Committee puts him into more pressure to carry out his words into actions. It may very likely be that he might not be completely successful when he tried to deliver his words into actions, but the effort shown by this president is something extraordinary and no one can dare to argue that.
Since the news came out, I have seen in Twitter, Facebook and other news media that people are just hating the fact that Obama has won the Nobel prize. In some instances, it is the very same people who have casted their vote for him just less than a year ago. This is the situation not only at home, but also overseas. Foreigners who have supported Obama during his rise as president from all over the world to bring change to the ways things were going for the past few months or years, just can't take this Nobel prize victory of Obama by any means. Some are even saying that if Obama can win it, why can't they? To those, my question is, if you think you are eligible for winning Nobel prize, then why didn't you take the burden of a fragile economy, two wars overseas, broken healthcare system from Bush?
Finally, I just want to conclude by saying that those who are haters will hate someone that they can't stand for whatever reason it may be. But when the light of change will eventually illuminate, it will brighten them as well. Then, they might still be haters or lovers but it may be late. I'm saying this from the long legacy of popular presidents being assassinated in the US that it may not be very surprising to find out Obama being shot or bombed by some of his haters one day. Then, the achievements may be completed but the person may not be available anymore. So, even though the time may not seem right for some people who supports Obama, I say that let the man earn what he will eventually earn. Maybe this will prove to be one more encouraging factor to his list of accomplishments.

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