Thursday, October 01, 2009

What to it reality?

It's been quite a long time since I wrote something in my blog. But what I have experienced or seen today is something to record on this blog so that others can know about incidents like this.
Well, it was just another regular day of college, work etc. for me but when I was heading home in the bus, that's where the incident took place. The bus that I usually take comes from a distant place taking mostly high school students (most probably Francis Lewis High School) in that time after school dismissal. I usually finish around the same time from my college classes and work.
So, I was heading back home on the bus. As soon as I got on it, I realized that it's pretty much full with 95% high school students. What was interesting is that after looking around the bus from front to the rear, I noticed that only a handful (maybe 4-5 people who were non-high school students or average adult New Yorkers, including me). There were just so many of these students that their own conversational voice volume was almost like a high-volume stereo. When I looked at the corner, there was a black lady who seemed somewhat disturbed by this high volume of students screaming, yelling, shouting, talking, or just horsing around in the bus.
Then, at a point, a few girls of them saw someone they knew outside the bus in the street. They wanted to get off the bus right away. Since it was nowhere near the bus stop, the bus driver did not let them get off. They were standing almost on the stairs of the bus to get off, but the driver did not open the door, in accordance to the rules. This really infuriated few of the teenage girls. They were like "Oh Son of a..." in front of the public in the bus. They were shouting, screaming at the bus driver as if they are like some superior beings and the driver is like their servant who ought to follow their order as they say. The situation was quite dramatic at that point.
Then, when he let off the girls get out at the next bus stop, one of them got out while the other was obstructed by one of her male friend which caused the driver to think she would not get off and closed the door. This enraged that teenager even more. She would scream at the bus driver "You f**king a**hole. Stop the bus!" The driver did not care at this point since he was getting impatient by the happenings of these high school students. He even took the microphone used to call out the next bus stop, and told to the girl(s), "You better watch your mouth. We are seeing who's the real a**hole here". This was really crucial since I first saw a bus driver cursing at a passenger as the situation deteriorated.
Then, when he finally let them off at the next stop, they were cursing and getting off the bus. Now, the situation was calm. All the rest of the passengers were relaxed as well as the driver himself.

Then, what is it that caused this incident? Is it some sort of random incident that took place on an average day? Or is it the happenings of the US among the kids, children, teenagers all across the country? Do they not learn morals, respect, behavior from their parents, guardians or the school? Or was it that the school system in the US is fueling in this irrational attitudes of young people in this nation? I certainly don't like to aim at certain racial group but the majority of these teenagers were of African-American descendants, even though there were some whites as well. Is it this way that Obama thinks he can lead this country's future generation into a better stage for the upcoming years? Is it this way that the politicians hope to improve this great nation of democracy?

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