Sunday, August 15, 2010

Opinion on Building Ground Zero Mosque the US President Barack Obama along with NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg are supporting the cause to build a mosque/Muslim Religious Center near Ground Zero. I've so far supported or liked most of President Obama's reforms including financial, educational etc. But now with this new very debatable issue of building a mosque near Ground Zero just spoils my respect for him.

First of all, let me be clear with something. I have no problem in building a mosque anywhere in New York City except that place. Muslim community have been spreading quite fast nowadays in the city. They have mosques or Muslim religious centers in many places of the 5 boroughs. Why can't they find a place anywhere else? What's the problem in that?

To the Muslims who are proponents of building this mosque or Muslim religious center:
Let's say you are my neighbor. You have built a better looking, stylistic, gorgeous home for yourself. Mine is not very charming. One day at night, I burn down your home when you are away. I make sure that you don't get notified of your home's fire until the whole thing burns down. Later, I give you some money as a good neighbor, good friend of you. But you would not be able to build another grand style home like that again since you had invested so much in your burnt home that the money I gave you is enough for you to build a minimal looking home. Isn't this the same scenario here with this Ground Zero mosque?

Let's consider another example. Let's say you live in a Muslim-dominant Middle Eastern nation. One day, some radical extremist Christian terrorists destroy your financial center that causes some thousands of your fellow Muslims to die in an instant. Now, some years later, the minority Christian group request to the country's government to build a church near that financial center. Would you, as a devout Muslim, allow a church to be built near such a place there thousands of innocent Muslims died? Would you accept the government's ruling in allowing the church to be built?

Just ask yourself these questions. Think if the same thing happened to you, would you feel the same as you feel now about this issue?

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