Saturday, August 06, 2011


Well, I don't know how to say this politely. But I think the way Congress and the White House acted in the debt ceiling crisis has shown to the American people that no one (except the rich which is about 1-5% of the entire population) is happy at the current situation. Cutting down student grants (like SMART) is going to affect students in the years to come. Those middle-class family's son will not be able to graduate from college which he had been pursuing since grade school might be over for him. At the end, he would end up in average jobs in the hugely growing population of the US. But that's not it. The picture is even grimmer when we look at the retirement options for the "baby boomers". Thinking about a current 30-year old's retirement plans just shakes me to the ground. What are you trying to achieve from this? Money? Power? Claps from your party? Your lobbyists? Your special-interests? Well guess what, if you Republicans, Democrats continue to fight like this as little kids, it won't be surprising to see both party's demise in the near future and rise of a 3rd. So, just be aware that the these are not the only days for you to enjoy. Days will come for you when you will regret what you've done as competent adults in the Capitol Hill. These enjoyable days from now will haunt you down in those future days. So just remember this.

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