Wednesday, August 22, 2012

108 Names of Goddess Durga with Meaning

1) Aadya- The Initial reality
2) Aarya- Goddess
3) Abhavya- Improper or fear-causing
4) Aeindri- Power of God Indra
5) Agnijwaala- One who is poignant like fire
6) Ahankaara- One with Pride
7) Ameyaa- One who is beyond measure
8) Ananta- One who is Infinite or beyond measure
9) Ananta- The Infinite
10) Anekashastrahasta- Possessor of many hand weapons
11) AnekastraDhaarini- Possessor of many missile weapons
12) Anekavarna- One who has many complexions 
13) Aparna- One who doesnt eat even leaves while fasting 
14) Apraudha- One who never gets old 
15) Bahula- One who is in various forms 
16) Bahulaprema- One who is loved by all 
17) Balaprada- The bestower of strength 
18) Bhaavini- The Beautiful Woman 
19) Bhaavya- Represents Future 
20) Bhadrakaali- Fierce form of Kali 
21) Bhavaani- The abode of the universe
22) Bhavamochani- The absolver of the universe
23) Bhavaprita- One who is loved by the universe 
24) Bhavya- With Magnificence
25) Braahmi- Power of God Brahma 
26) Brahmavaadini- One who is present everywhere 
27) Buddhi- Intelligence 
28) Buddhida- The bestower of wisdom 
29) Chaamunda- Slayer of Chanda and Munda(demons) 
30) Chandaghanta- One who has mighty bells 
31) ChandaMundaVinashini- Destroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and Munda Sarvasuravinasha Destroyer of all demons 
32) Chinta- Tension
33) Chita- Death-bed 
34) Chiti- The thinking mind 
35) Chitra- The Picturesque 
36) Chittarupa- One who is in thought-state 
37) Dakshakanya- Daughter of Daksha 
38) Dakshayajñavinaashini- Interrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha 
39) Devamata- Mother Goddess 
40) Durga- The Invincible 
41) Ekakanya- The girl child 
42) Ghorarupa- Having a fierce outlook 
43) Gyaana- Full of Knowledge 
44) Jalodari- Abode of the ethereal universe 
45) Jaya- The Victorious 
46) Kaalaratri- Goddess who is black like night 
47) Kaishori- The adolescent 
48) Kalamanjiiraranjini- Wearing a musical anklet 
49) Karaali- The Violent 
50) Katyayani- One who is worshipped by sage Katyanan 51) Kaumaari- The adolescent 
52) Komaari- The beautiful adolescent 
53) Kriya- One who is in action 
54) Krrooraa- Brutal (on demons) 
55) Lakshmi- Goddess of Wealth 
56) Maaheshvari- Power of Lord Mahesha (Shiva) 
57) Maatangi- Goddess of Matanga 
58) MadhuKaitabhaHantri- Slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha
59) Mahaabala- Having immense strength 
60) Mahatapa- With severe penance 
61) Mahodari- One who has huge belly which stores the universe 
62) Manah- Mind 
63) Matangamunipujita- Worshipped by Sage Matanga 
64) Muktakesha- One who has open tresses 
65) Narayani- The destructive aspect of Lord Narayana (Brahma) 
66) NishumbhaShumbhaHanani- Slayer of the demon-brothers Shumbha Nishumbha
67) MahishasuraMardini- Slayer of the bull-demon Mahishaasura 
68) Nitya- The eternal one 
69) Paatala- Red in color 
70) Paatalavati- Wearing red-color attire 
71) Parameshvari- The Ultimate Goddess 
72) Pattaambaraparidhaana- Wearing a dress made of leather 
73) Pinaakadharini- One who holds the trident of Shiva 
74) Pratyaksha- One who is real 
75) Praudha- One who is old 
76) Purushaakriti- One who takes the form of a man 
77) Ratnapriya- Adorned or loved by jewels 
78) Raudramukhi- One who has a fierce face like destroyer Rudra 
79) Saadhvi- The Sanguine 
80) Sadagati- Always in motion, bestowing Moksha (salvation) 
81) Sarvaastradhaarini- Possessor of all the missile weapons 
82) Sarvadaanavaghaatini- Possessing the power to kill all the demons 
83) Sarvamantramayi- One who possess all the instruments of thought 
84) Sarvashaastramayi- One who is deft in all theories 
85) Sarvavahanavahana- One who rides all vehicles 
86) Sarvavidya- Knowledgeable 
87) Sati- One who got burned alive 
88) Satta- One who is above all 
89) Satya- The truth 
90) Satyanandasvarupini- Form of Eternal bliss 
91) Savitri- Daughter of the Sun God Savitr 
92) Shaambhavi- Consort of Shambhu 
93) Shankari- Wife of shankar (shiva)
94) Shivadooti- Ambassador of Lord Shiva 
95) Shooldharini- One who holds a monodent 
96) Sundari- The Gorgeous 
97) Sursundari- Extremely Beautiful 
98) Tapasvini- one who is engaged in penance 
99) Trinetra- One who has three-eyes 
100) Vaarahi- One who rides on Varaah 
101) Vaishnavi- The invincible 
102) Vandurga- Goddess of forests 
103) Vikrama- Violent 
104) Vimalauttkarshini- One who provides joy 
105) Vishnumaya- Spell of Lord Vishnu 
106) Vriddhamaata- The old mother (loosely) 
107) Yati- Ascetic, one who renounces the world 
108) Yuvati- The Woman


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