Monday, August 06, 2012

Where is patriotism, USA?

For the last few weeks, the world is almost entirely captivated by the Summer Olympics event taking place in London. The gold-silver-bronze medal count & the overall medal count competition is creating interest in the viewers of China and USA. But how much of the US is actually paying attention to Olympics?

NBC is the only channel that is broadcasting some of the game events of Olympics. This is not the first time this is happening. The channel has been doing that for years now. The regular NBC channel that viewers watch without any cable or satellite connection get to watch only few selected games. This selection is solely by NBC. What do these regular viewers get to see? It's volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming, diving, gymnastics, marathon, running, cycling, rowing, equestrian. That's what I have noticed in the morning, afternoon, evening & night time. Since I have not seen the late night events, I cannot say for that. But my guess would be that it does not differ much from these common events.

Why is this limitation in broadcast? Why isn't football being shown, which is considered the most popular sport worldwide? The US women's football team is not even doing bad either. After beating New Zealand in the quarter-final, they have defeated Canada today in a nail-biting semi-final match with a 4-3 goal margin.

Yes, I know NBC does show these sports like football online or MSNBC or NBCSN. But why not in the regular non-cable, non-satellite channel? Since they are the only channel showing these sports, shouldn't they try to vary their broadcast by showing more sports of the Olympics? I know people can access football or other sports online, but why can't the most popular sport worldwide get some broadcast chance, even when the US women are cruising with victories over various nations?

If NBC cannot cover all sports in their regular channel, why wouldn't the other channels, like ABC, FOX, CBS get chance to show the other sports?

Patriotism need to prevail. Even though football is the most popular sport worldwide, it is not so in the US, at least in the east coast. That is because the media doesn't broadcast much of this sport. Covered by American football or baseball or basketball, the most popular sport, football (what the world calls it) gets the name of 'soccer' among Americans.

Please change your attitude, America! Be part of the rest of the world! Give football some chance!

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