Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ICC T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka ... was it a good choice?

The ICC T20 World Cup has already begun in full swing with the Group stage already over. But what is noticeable is ICC's decision to pick Sri Lanka as the host for this year's T20 World Cup. Was Sri Lanka a good choice? Or, at least at this time of monsoon season.

So far, several matches have been affected by rain. Interestingly, West Indies are through to Super-8 without winning any match. That is because they lost to a lesser margin to Australia than the Irish team. Really? Is that so? Maybe Ireland could've beaten West Indies. Or maybe Windies could have beaten both Australia & Ireland and take on top position in their group. Thus, India would have been playing Windies on Friday than Australia.

Also, the other match that was critically criticized was South Africa vs Sri Lanka. In a rain-affected 7 over per side match, it doesn't make sense to have 11 men playing. Also, a score of 78 in 7 overs does not display how good or weak a team is.

In addition, the Duckworth-Lewis method is not effective for a 20-20 match. It may have been efficient for ODI format of the game, although I personally think otherwise. In effect, D/L method has aided team batting second most to all the time. A new formula or method needs to be adopted for T20 format of cricket to balance the game between two sides. Even ESPN Cricinfo's Siddarth Monga agrees with my point.

Now it's up to ICC to decide how or whether would do it or not.

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