Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do you see any protests about that?

Indians overreact a lot , just one gang-rape and they are rioting !! You guys have a lot to learn from us !! There are at-least 3-4 rapes/gangrapes happening in this tiny country everyday ..and they dont even make it to national daily's . In 1971 there were 3 millions killed and 1 million raped in this country , and we have awarded ( Elected by public votes ) those rapists and killers in our country with a Rank of Ministers , we have honored them at our National parliament . Do you see any riot about this ? Please learn some manners from us :-)

We were 7 times world-champions in corruption in a ROW , it was a matter of national disappointment when we lost the first place, not due to the corruption in our country got lesser but some other country started doing more corruption than us ..that was pretty impressive !! Do you see any riot happening because of that ?

We dont even have any kind of proper public transportation system , almost everything is private and they increase the fair 3-4 times whenever they feel necessary . and you guys start rioting whenever there is a increase in fair just by freaking 50 paisa ? What the hell is wrong with you ?

We were so inspired from Adolf Hitler that we have created almost 70 population of west-bangla just by kicking them out of their homes ,where they have been living for centuries ..mostly because they did not believe in our version of God . We have raped/gang-raped , forcefully converted millions of them . Just to get some extra whores in Gods own whorehouse in the heaven . How awesome and proud stuff that was ? I still remember one of the mother saying "Dear , my daughter is still young , all of you please go one by one " while we are about to gang-rape her 16 years old . Do you see any protests about that ?

Our govt. has been looting us for 20+ years now ... After every change in the govt. the corrupt ministers and MPs who are found guilty of looting millions of Dollars from us all alone , suffer a jail term , but right after they get out of the jail victoriously , we welcome them with band-party and flowers like a national hero . And then we re-elect them by our valuable votes as the Member of the parliament . They are right now in power and they will be in power in the next term as well , irrespective of what party he is from . you will be shocked to see the obscene amount of expensive cars of all the brands you know or dont know in our capital , where they say we are still a "Least Developed Country" . . !! Funny I must say !! Do you see any riots happening because of this ?

Only a few days ago , one guy was killed by some political party workers with sharp metals in broad daylight and out in the open. Press was right there when it happened and these pics/videos were all over our media with the guy bleeding all over his shirt and pleading for his dear life . After his death we have announced that there was no sign of sharp metal objects strike in his entire body . Do you still see any kinds of riots happening ? Now that is something no country in the world can/will ever think of achieving, EVER !!
Please learn some manners from us :-)

Just a few days prior to that , in a garments factory 120+ people were burned alive as they werent allowed to leave the factory by the factory authority and was locked from outside. Because we believe work is more valuable than life itself . So we let them burn alive. On that same day a work-in-progress flyover ( which could have been our 3rd flyover in the whole country ) fell down and killed 50+ bystanders . Not a single person was held guilty of anything on both these occasions . This just goes to prove how faithful we are to our version of God , we dont find anyone else guilty of what He wanted for us . and He is NEVER wrong , doesnt matter how many human beings lost their lives in the process.
Do you see any riots happening because of these ? Please try to learn something from us.

- Rajib , A Proud Citizen of East Pakistan !

PS: If this status hurts anyone's feelings about his nation please stay away from the comment section . Hurting anyone is never my intention , apologies in advance !

(Writer: A.R.Rajib Dey)

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