Sunday, January 20, 2013

Is It Islamization?

A part of Muslims are on the rise with so-called Jihad which is absorbing a lot of extremists. Their radical agenda is to achieve total, absolute Islamic world for all countries. They would use religion to go any extreme without feeling any doubt.

That agenda is being carried out not only in the current Muslim nations at this point, but also in western European countries as well. Already Muslims are becoming a majority minority in Europe. With the rise of their population, their extremist groups are also making those places their depot. The results are also starting to come.

An Indian Hindu student was recently severely attacked in Germany for refusing to convert to Islam. That 24-years old student was approached by some extremist Muslims with the offer to convert to Islam. With his refusal, they cut off his tongue & left him injured in the streets.

Since 1989 after the fall of Berlin wall, about 7,500 Germans were killed by Muslims in their own country. Plus, because Muslims are not willing to adapt to the German culture, Muslims are forcing their lifestyle in Germany. With refusal to adapt to the country they don't belong, they are causing problems for the current German locals.

It's not only Germany that's feeling the extremism of Islam. Recently, Switzerland is facing strong opposition from Muslims in their country to change the flag. The cross sign in the flag of Switzerland is posing a religious issue for the Swiss Muslims. As a result, the country which had the cross sign for over a century is being asked to be removed for some immigrant Muslims who feel that it inhibits in their religious freedom.

The question is, do Muslims feel compelled to change westerners lifestyle instead of changing theirs? Can Pakistan remove its star from its flag? Can Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh feel safe in their homeland? Do immigrants like Muslims have the right to change west the way they want? Is it right for the inhibitors (Muslim immigrants) to dictate things in a country/continent in which they are just foreigners/newcomers? Are they trying to uproot western culture, western lifestyle altogether by their invasion of migration to those western countries?

It's not like those westerners can live peacefully in current Muslim nations either. Even a Christian man is not safe to live in Iran. Conversion away from Islam - can cause life in those extremist Islamic nations.

So, what is the goal of Muslims? Extremists? Are they trying to dominate the world by Islamizing the whole population? Are they going for absolute Islamization in all countries? Continents? What would it take to stop them? Who would they listen to? Is this their Allah wanted? Do they have no 'religious tolerance' in their holy religion?

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