Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Why May Day?

Growing up in Bangladesh, I've learned that May 1st is dedicated for all labor workers around the globe who work tirelessly to make different products for us. But after coming to the US, I found out that May 1st which is known as 'May Day' to most of the outside world besides US isn't celebrated as that of a big deal. In fact, US has its own version to pay tribute to the labors. It's known as 'Labor Day'. That falls on September.

Even according to Department of Labor, there is no actual history of the so-called 'Labor Day'. But the bloody rebellion that occurred in the streets of Chicago in 1886 on this day was the actual "Labor Day" or "International Workers' Day". Even though 66 countries celebrate this day officially, the country where it all started does not care to recognize it for the strive for 8-hour work period. More about the history of this movement of 1886 can be found here.

Moreover, over the last century, US government has made to make the movement of 1886 into a socialist approach from the workers' end. On the contrary, it is those same government officials who are now enjoying 8-hour work-shift. Question is how long? How long will the generations be kept silent from hearing about the true struggle of labor workers? How long will the government keep on celebrating 'Labor Day' in September when it has nothing to do with any labor movement? When will "May Day" be celebrated as an official day to commemorate those who fought for a better workplace environment, legitimate work-shift period? When will the truth about US government's aggressive actions against innocent workers reach the ears of school children? When will it all happen?

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