Friday, May 16, 2014

Monarchy or Democracy?

I came across this very incisive and true piece of writing...
Who is Priyanka Vadra? Is she a Cabinet Minister? Is she a Chief Minister? Is she a bureaucrat? Is she even an MP? Has she even contested a single election in her life? Is she an industrialist? Is she a top professional?
The answers to all of the above questions is “no”. Then why are all manner of journalists and media houses going into absolute raptures over her and why is she appearing in banner headlines and in the cover of news magazines as some great hope and saviour?

What are her achievements? None!
What is her claim to fame? She is part of the great Nehru-Gandhi dynasty!
Ah! Now you’re talking. So basically you are accepting that you support monarchy over democracy and birth over merit?
A Prime Minister’s daughter should be Prime Minister?
Ahem, if you believe that then don’t you in fact believe in the caste system? A chaiwallah may toil all his life and face all odds and overcome all hurdles, face attacks and still not have a right to be PM.
A 42-year-old woman on the other hand who has done absolutely nothing in her life, who has contributed to this great country in no manner and who lives in the lap of luxury surrounded high-profile guards deserves to be PM… because she is the daughter of a PM!
And you call yourself a liberal! A progressive! And probably a secular too!
So basically this woman sleeps for 5 years and visits the dynasty constituencies only during elections and has the media practically fawning over her and is asked no tough questions. All she has to do is give a lame speech which signifies nothing and some headline will grandly declare that she has launched a war on the Opposition!
What is her claim to fame apart from the dynasty? Why has she been in the news all these years?
Does Robert Vadra ring a bell?
At the end of the day, she is just an ordinary Indian woman whose husband is facing corruption charges. That’s the kind of person everyone is going gaga over.
If an Army officer’s son wants to become an Army officer, he still will have to clear the competitive exam and military training. If a Bollywood hero’s son wants to be a hero, he still will have to work out, work hard and face the scrutiny of the masses.
While some go a long way, some perish after a few films. If a businessman wants to hand over the business to his daughter… well he can can’t he? It’s his business after all! So does the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty own the Congress party? Does the Congress party own India? Can’t our media at least call their bluff?
Indira Gandhi made PM without any worthwhile experience. So when she took charge an all-out inter-party war split the Congress and ultimately Emergency was imposed. For youngsters who are not familiar with that, India became a dictatorship and Indira was the dictator. Political opponents were rounded up and thrown into jail in large numbers.
The entire bureaucracy was petrified of her. That’s Fascism.
Another “zero experience” dynast in the form of Rajiv Gandhi squandered Independent India’s greatest mandate.
What experience did Sonia Gandhi have when she became Congress President? Zero. Zero. Zero.
So are you really surprised that the nation is in such a mess in 2014?
Will you hire someone with zero experience as a peon? An executive? A manager? A VP? A CEO? The answer is a probably no.
But when it comes to the CEO of India: Zero experience desirable if you come from the right family.
Rahul Gandhi has been an MP for 10 years. He doesn’t attend Parliament or ask questions or head Parliamentary committees. He’s given umpteen speeches like he’s in a debating competition.
Looked at it from one angle, he has the same experience as he had in 2004. But it doesn’t matter. He’ll make PM in 2019. Or 2024. Or 2029… He’s a beautiful boy from a beautiful dynasty isn’t he?
The moral of the story is that if you want to hire a maid for Rs 1000 a month, then you’ll check her credentials, her work and sack her if she doesn’t satisfy you.


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