Saturday, June 28, 2014

The creation of Shree Krishna's Divine Flute

Story from the Puran of Gopeshwar Mahadeva:

Gopeshwar Mahadev is a state of Shiva when Shiva Himself wanted Krishna as a gopi (can still be seen in Vrindavana).

Krishna is all-attractive. He attracts all. He doesn't know any separation between man and woman, religions, cast, creed, country, nothing. He attracts all and He loves all & everybody loves Him.

So this way He attracts Mahadev also deeply. Mahadev takes the form of a gopi and enjoys Rasleela. He is so deeply attached to Shree Krishna that it feels like nobody can separate Him from Krishna.

Once upon a time before Krishna took human birth on this Earth. Mahadev did tapasya for years for Krishna.

Krishna appeared and asked "Shankara, what do you need? You have everything, you already have my love."

Shankara replied (Krishna lovingly calls Mahadev "Shankara"), "Prabhu, anyhow I want to stick to your lotus lips. I know that its not possible because only Radharani has right over your lotus lips but anyhow I want to stay there, anyhow"

Mahadev who has the power to destroy the Brahmand had become a true lover to Krishna (everybody becomes a lover to Krishna).

Shree Krishna replied, "I shall fulfill your wish but you have to get dried up, get burned for this."

Shankara replied, "I shall do anything to become your lover, anything."

Then Shree Krishna separated a part of Shiva's body and transformed it into bamboo tree then to a "flute" and held by His most beautiful lotus lips.

Shiva started dancing with divine joy.

Then Shree Krishna said to His flute "when I am touching You with my lips, you are my lover; when I am playing You with my fingers; remember I am nursing you and when I shake my hair, I am comforting You; as you have become my devotee so I have also become your slave, now nobody can separate us."

Its true if you become a devotee of Krishna He protects you as leaves protect the Lotus. 


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