Friday, August 01, 2014

Where does blasphemy end in Islam?

For the last few years, we have seen how Facebook posts (whether true or not) have caused so much chaos, rage, assault in minority communities in Bangladesh. The fact that if these posts are true or not have almost never been verified by the angry Muslim mobs when attacking minority Hindu families. It even did not occur to the media that in a country where very few villagers use Facebook, how can they be so sure as to whether the alleged Hindu person(s) have really insulted Islam or its prophet. If law & order were to be held true in a democratic nation like Bangladesh, how can police be bystanders when such events take place? How can the government never be able to punish those who instigated such attacks by either framing those alleged Hindu individual(s) or making the posts by themselves & then selling it to the mass illiterate villagers as performed by a Hindu person?

Even more bizarre than this is when Muslims attack themselves on the basis of such accusations to other Muslims. Yes, read it over, if confused. Majority Muslims in Pakistan have done a similar mob attack on a minority Ahmadi family on the charge of blasphemy in a Facebook post.

If this trend continues then minorities in all countries where Muslims are the majority will face similar consequences, whether it is Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Ahmadis or other minor sects of Islam. And yes, human rights activists would be blind in this case. Because for human rights to prevail in Amnesty or other so-called human rights organizations, money, power, influence will matter more than "real human rights". Media will also publicize those events only where majority Muslims would be hurt, as in Palestine. 

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