Friday, September 26, 2014

মানিকগঞ্জে হিন্দু মেয়েকে ধর্ষণ

Ms. Sagorika Haldar(16) Minority belonging to Hindu raped and murdered at Manikgonj:

The victim was poor but brilliant HINDU student of Class IX (Nine) studying in Joymantop High School near her village. Her registration No. 1210792720 (Session 2012). On the date of occurrence the victim was at her home, but uneducated and simple father and mother was out of their home for business purpose. One Gurupada informed police that the dead body of Ms.Sagorika Haldar was found in her room adjacent with a ceiling fan after a quarreling amongst the victim and perpetrator Abdur Razzak. Abdur Razzak – the notorious women monger, without having any previous consent & without any lawful authority entered into the room of Ms. Sagorika and started to assault her closing the door with shoes because the victim reused sexual intercourse and cried for rescue; resulting serious injuries and she died. Police came and saw the dead body laid down on the ground. Police also managed to carry the dead body for post mortem at the nearest Hospital. But police did not record the case under proper section of law.

(Through Bangladesh Minority Watch)


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