Monday, August 17, 2015

Empire State Building in Ma Kali's colors

Goddess Kali is regarded as the Goddess of death but the death of an ego. Of all the forms of Devi, she is considered to be the most compassionate one because she provides moksha or liberation to her children. And now, people in New York would know about Her. Yeah, you read that right.

Goddess Kali was displayed on to the iconic Empire State building in New York which is considered to be the tallest building and also the key piece of NYC skyline.

Empire State building had started a new trend to feature extinct species across the world. But, featuring Goddess Kali was a class apart. Android Jones is the artist who designed the portrait of Kali.
Why Goddess Kali? Because She represents the destruction of evil, Android thought it would be a good idea to feature Her. Hence, he opines that She would work as the epitome to fight dangers and pollution.

Well, this is interesting. While most India tries shying away from false and sick secularism and the ongoing debate of the superiority of ‘their’ Gods, NYC is making headlines because of this. Ironical much!

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