Sunday, November 22, 2015

Extremism: Short-term Solutions

With the recent Paris attack by ISIS, it is quite clear to everyone that radical or extremist Islam needs to be taken care of as soon as possible by the Free World. No matter which spectrum of the right vs. left wing you might be, you cannot deny that tougher actions need to be implemented at the earliest to prevent any near-future incidents like this to the Free World. Already some of the western nations along with France have gone ahead in crushing some key points of ISIS in Syria. But the action cannot stop there. While I have been reading & listening to various people give their takes on the solution to the overall issue, I myself thought about some steps for a full-stop on this growing problem, once and for all.

Firstly, as we have been seeing in the recent past, the Cold War superpowers were quite divided in how to handle ISIS. While one does not want to proceed with military actions, other has already struck at various locations of ISIS. No matter who is right or wrong, it just cannot make sense to a common folk that at a time when the existence of the western civilization is threatened, how can the two giants sit separately and continue diverging further. When at school, we teach our kids "sharing is caring". Buddha teaches us that "to give is to gain". The Bible tells us that "it is more blessed to give than receive". The point is when the enemy is common, set aside all your personal vendetta, set aside all your past animosity, set aside all your pesky little or big differences, set aside all your ego, and unite for this common purpose because "united we stand, divided we fall". When the enemy is ISIS which affects both of your (US and Russia) very western civilization, strike at the heart of the enemy with combined force. Let the world see that whenever fanatics rise, i.e. during WWII with Hitler, the world leaders know how to deal with it, rather than fighting against themselves on their own issues. I strongly believe that if the western, civilized countries come together under one roof to crush ISIS, it won't be long that we would say ISIS as a 'thing of the past'.

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