Monday, December 07, 2015

GOP figures: as bold as they can be...

I agree with the stand that Congressman Joe Walsh has taken. When you believe in something, you cannot sacrifice that belief to please someone else. Then that means you don't actually have the initial belief that you have been saying previously. If Americans who believe in free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, then Joe Walsh has the right to say these things to express his views.

Along with Congressman, current GOP presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, vowed to kill extremist, jihadist Islamists if he's elected president during a new campaign ad.

Another hopeful GOP presidential candidate, former Governor George Pataki said during a tweet that he would declare 'war on radical Islam' if he were a president now.

It is quite clear from the GOP that what this Obama administration is doing, in terms of tackling radical Islam issue is nothing but defensive in its measures. Though you may not agree with Republicans all the time, but this is something that all sane Americans must agree on. We need a leader who would stand up against extremist Islamists to combat them till there is no more of them.


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