Saturday, April 16, 2016

Clinton's speeches revelation ... end of campaign!

After Thursday's debate in Brooklyn, NY, Senator Bernie Sanders did what he promised to do. He released his 2014 tax return. As we saw in the debate stage, Hillary Clinton mentioned that when others start releasing their transcripts, she will release hers as well. Well, Mr. Sanders doesn't have any closed-door speeches that needs to be publicly revealed. That means his tax return of past year which Hillary Clinton was so adamantly targeting would need to be exposed. That has been done, Madam Secretary. Now it's your turn to release your transcripts from closed door meeting with Goldman Sachs.

She won't do it, folks. That would mean the end of her campaign. What we can surmise from some insiders in that meeting & other closed associates of hers, the kind of support that she gave to those crooks, greedy bankers for the Great Recession that caused the trouble that Barack Obama had to dig the country out of in 2008, would diminish her supporters' backing for her altogether. She won't risk doing it with big states like New York, California, Pennsylvania on the line. That's what she does best. Being very clever at political moves to gain the support of her base when needed & appearing to be all caring for American citizens on the limelight.

Read more about what the insiders have said.

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