Thursday, April 14, 2016

Even NYPD officers don't like Mayor de Blasio

I've said this before that New Yorkers will regret electing Bill de Blasio as their mayor in the days to come after his victory over Joe Lhota back in 2013. It's just starting to show up publicly nowadays as this fellow NYPD officer spills his dislike over de Blasio while giving out ticket to drivers. It's not just that this is just one instance, over the last few years, my hometown, Jamaica, NY, has also become prone to violence on the streets more so than Mayor Bloomberg's period. Just last week, a neighbour of ours, a fellow taxi driver who came home to give the taxi to the next shift's driver sometime at early dawn, was held at gunpoint & was hit on his head by the looter who took about $150 from his pocket. Such incidents have never happened in our area before. We have been living in that house since 2009 & those neighbours of ours since 2007. Funny thing is those folks also voted for a Democratic nominee for mayor back in 2013. Now they are regretting their choice. What do you think? Was electing de Blasio a good choice for NYC? Should NYC elect a Republican candidate for mayor as they did with Rudy Giuliani & Mike Bloomberg? What does the endorsement of such character like de Blasio for Hillary Clinton show, in the context of endorsement politics in election process?

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