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Saturday, December 05, 2015

'Intolerant' India!

In the last few weeks, the talk of the town in Indian media has been 'intolerance' in India from the majority-Hindus against minority-Muslims. Big name celebrities have become involved in this debate. The main talking point was when Aamir Khan told the media during an interaction that his wife (Kiran Rao) asked him at one point whether or not they should move out of India for the betterment of their son over 'intolerance'.

Singer Abhijit Bhattacharya summed it up pretty well in an open letter written to actor Aamir Khan.
Janab Aamir Khan, 
I am an ordinary Indian citizen and an avid movie-goer. You are a superstar in a country where the majority of movie-goers are Hindu. For years, we have spent our money to buy tickets for your movies. It is our money that has made you what you are today. 
We clapped when as ACP Ajay Rathore, you destroyed a sweet-talking Gulfam Khan in 'Sarfarosh'. We cheered when as Bhuvan, you played the winning shot in 'Lagaan'. We cried when as a sensitive art teacher, you made us root for Ishaan Awasthi in 'Taarey Zamin Par'.

A couple of generations before you, an Yusouf Khan had to become a Dilip Kumar to be accepted and a Mahajabeen Bano had to reinvent herself as Meena Kumari. Not you though. Neither you, nor your contemporaries had to hide your identity to be successful. 
You became a star in a new India. An India, where only your first name mattered. We loved you because you were Aamir, a brilliant actor. Neither your last name mattered to us, nor your faith. 
But yesterday, you proved to us that for you and your wife at least , it is your last name that matters more than anything else. 
Your name is Khan and you Sir, are a hypocrite. 
You did not scream intolerance when your city burned at the hands of some of your co-religionists. Your wife did not feel insecure when a mammoth crowd of some of your co-religionists attended the funeral of a hanged terrorist. You were silent even when a mob from Reza Academy kicked and destroyed a national memorial and manhandled female cops. 
But now, suddenly, your wife feels insecure in India and wants you to move out. 
If I WERE indeed intolerant, I would suggest you move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the safest place on earth, where Begum Kiran Rao can feel absolutely secure inside her abaya and your little son can grow up watching public executions in a Riyadh square. 
But I am not going to do that. As a tolerant Indian, the only thing I can and WILL do is to make sure that not even one rupee of my hard-earned money goes towards buying tickets for your movies. Thanks for the disappointments. 
An Indian.

Friday, January 11, 2013


হলিউড সিনেমা থেকে আমরা ৪টি জিনিস পেয়ে থাকি:
১. চীনারা কুংফু ছাড়া আর তেমন কিছুই পারে না!
২. ৫০ ভাগেরও বেশি আমেরিকান হচ্ছে এফবিআই বা সিআইএ এর লোক!
৩. ভিনগ্রহের প্রাণীদের শুধুমাত্র আগ্রহ থাকে আমেরিকাকে আক্রমন করা
৪. আমেরিকা হচ্ছে এমন জায়গা যেখানেই শুধুমাত্র সকল ভূত পেত্নি এবং রক্তশোষা প্রানি পাওয়া যায়...!

বলিউড সিনেমা থেকে আমরা যে ৫টি জিনিস পাই:
১. জমজ ভাই বা বোনদের মধ্যে একজন অবশ্যই খারাপ চরিত্রের হয়!
২. নায়ক কোন বোমা নিষ্ক্রিয় করতে যে তারটি কাটে সেটি সবসময় সঠিক হয়..!
৩. একজন নায়ককে যখন ভিলেন আঘাত করে তখন সে কোনরকম ব্যথা অনুভব করে না কিন্তু নায়িকা যখন নায়কের ক্ষতস্থান পরিচর্যা করে তখন সে ব্যথা অনুভব করে...!
৫. সবচেয়ে অদ্ভুত ব্যাপার হচ্ছে যখন নায়ক বা নায়িকা রাস্তায় নাচতে শুরু করে তখন রাস্তার অন্যরাও একই তালে নাচে।