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Monday, December 14, 2015

Is this a fair justice system?

We usually talk about justice system being blindfolded & it does not matter who the culprit is, the accused when proven guilty will get the punishment. Does that happen all the time in our society? Do normal people get treated the same way as a celebrity, professional, businessman, politician?

Not to critique on the verdict given by the court in India recently, but it was quite obvious that if you come from a wealthy, big-name, famous family, Bollywood or something, then you won't get the punishment you deserve. Be it a Khan or Kapoor! Even though the liberal-minded Indians still believe Muslims in India are not treated well in a Hindu-majority country, Salman Khan's recent verdict on the famous 2002 hit-and-run case set him free by the 'fair' legal system.

Who gets the punishment then? That individual who was met with sudden death. That family who lost a loved one in the family. That wife who lost her husband when she needed him most to maintain the family with kids. Can we really accept this as 'fair'?

[Source: Lehren TV]