Sunday, April 03, 2016

প্রতিবেশী প্রতিবেশীতে এতো ঘৃণা কেন?

অনেকদিন ধরেই ভাবছিলাম এই বিষয়টা নিয়ে লিখব, কিন্তু সময় করে উঠতে পারছিলাম না। যাক, আজ T20 ক্রিকেট বিশ্বকাপের সমাপ্তির পর ভাবলাম এ নিয়ে লিখে ফেলি।

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Do you want this lady to be your next commander-in-chief?

In a campaign trail recently, Hillary Clinton was asked about her alleged monetary donations that she received from fossil fuel industries over the years which Bernie Sanders keep on repeating in his attacks on her. But as a citizen & viewer, do you think it is right for Mrs. Clinton to lose her coolness with the Greenpeace activist in the way that she did in the video? Do you want someone to be the president who could lose patience so easily over something that may or may not be true? Does that suit for a character who will seat in the Oval Office? The decision is yours, America!

Friday, April 01, 2016

This is our liberal media

We know that Hillary Clinton is getting lots of support from various influential politicians, celebrities etc. But when it comes to media who is supposed to stay neutral to give citizens the option to choose from different candidates, NBC is leading the race in bias. A recent video from Jimmy Fallon's late night show, shows mockery skit of all current candidates from both parties in a poking, hilarious manner while Hillary Clinton is shown to be mocked the least. In fact, after seeing this video, if you think Clinton wasn't mocked at all, compared to the other candidates, I wouldn't disagree with you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This is our Democracy...

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard recently admitted that she was pressurized by Democratic National Convention's top leaders, Democrat Party's influential politicians to not endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for nomination. While most of our liberal-minded media would not utter a negative word against Hillary Clinton, this latest piece of news confirms how rigged the system is in US election process. This individual might be just one of many who was pressurized to not endorse Sanders. God knows how many of the endorsed individuals from Clinton's camp were pressurized to endorse Clinton for Democrat nomination. Only time will tell.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Does Islam profess to not respect one's motherland?

Recently, Hyderabad Islamic seminary Jamia Nizamia issued a 'fatwa' that Muslims should not chant 'Bharat mata ki jai' slogan. Their reasoning is that the birth land cannot be compared to mother. Only humans give birth to humans, not land. Hence, this kind of slogan is forbidden according to Islam. They further added that even though Muslims love their country, but they cannot chant such slogans to express their patriotism.

Now my question is what is superior to a human being? Is his religious identity or country of birth? If religious identity prevails over country of birth, then such 'fatwa' gets clean pass. But if country of birth should overhaul religious identity, then are these 'fatwa' legitimate? Most country's constitutions protect the rights of its citizens to practice their religious beliefs, or at least in the modern-day's democratic societies. But when one of the largest religion of the world tells its followers that country of birth is less prioritized than religious identity, then what message does it give to others about that religion? Does it not show that the followers of that religion would prefer to die for their religion than their country of birth? In the time of need, would those followers of that religion be willing to shed bloods to save their country from foreign invasion? Would they care if others try to buy their country, buy its people, buy its valuables, buy its richness? Would they feel any sympathy when invaders destroy national emblems, national symbols, national statues etc.? Would they jump in to save those from demolition at the time of necessity? What does that show to a neutral or atheist who does not believe in any God(s), that what (land) has sustained one (people) for so long has no value when it comes to saving its (land) honor?